Important Hurricane Information

Below is a list of ways you can prevent or minimize damage to your property as well as safety tips you should consider in the event of a strong windstorm:

  • secure any loose property outside the home such as lawn chairs, patio umbrellas, toys, tools, etc. These items can become dangerous projectiles in high winds.
  • have a disaster plan and discuss it with your family
  • have a common meeting place determined in the event your family becomes separated
  • have flashlights and batteries handy
  • have a supply of toilet paper
  • make sure your first aid kit is complete. At a minimum have bandages, band aids, antiseptic, pain killers such as asprin, Tylenol and/or ibuprofen. You should also have enough prescription drugs for at least two weeks.
  • make sure you have enough bottled water. You should have at lease one gallon available per person/per day and at least a one week supply.
  • have non-perishable foods on hand
  • have foul weather gear ready
  • have a battery operated radio or an emergency radio ready
  • avoid any downed wires, many look the same and they should all be treated as live electrical lines
  • if possible fill your vehicles with fuel before the storm
  • whether or not you have flood insurance, plan for the worst. If you have valuable property or documents do what you can to secure them in a safe place. For instance, is your financial records, birth certificates, etc are in a file drawer in the basement, move them to a safe or get them out of the basement in case of flooding.
  • Charge mobile devices prior to the storm and take chargers with you if you need to leave the home.
  • during periods of high winds, do not stand near windows and doors.

To report losses directly after regular business hours click here for toll free claims numbers.