DocuHome - a tremendous help during difficult times

Most who read this article will never experience a total loss to their home, unfortunately some will. A total loss of a home is one of the most difficult experiences one can have. Many people who lose their home through a fire loss, for example, experience emotional difficulties for years, long after the loss.

While no amount of insurance will make the recovery process easy, knowing that you have proper coverage can be comforting and will certainly allow for a smoother claim process. Still, there is work that needs to be done following the loss and the insurance adjuster can't do it all. If you suffer a catastrophic loss, you will be asked to prepare a list of personal property that was lost in the fire. The process of documenting all of your personal belongings and their approximate value can be a difficult task BEFORE it's destroyed by fire. Trying to compile this list from memory while suffering the emotional trauma of having lost your home and everything in it can make this task almost impossible.

Recently, Fitts Insurance Agency partnered with an on-line home inventory service called DocuHome. Founded by Bradford Stanley after suffering through a total fire loss to their home and realizing the difficulty of producing the home inventory, DocuHome was created to be a web based home inventory calculator and record keeping service.

The service allows you to upload images of your home, tag the images with names and in some cases, with model numbers of certain electronics and appliances, DocuHome will search the internet for product information and automatically indicate it's replacement cost.

The cost of the service is very reasonable and anyone who ends up needing to produce a home inventory will have gladly paid much more for it. Through our partnership with DocuHome we have made it possible for you receive a discount on the subscription fee by using the following link:

Fitts Insurance / DocuHome

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